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BAFU World Class Membership


The Shocking Truth about a high yield 250% profit associated with a support system of a joint venture all in a one-time Pentagon Membership at BAFU USA.

“Now You Can unequivocally realize a 250% guaranteed profit with a Pentagon Membership at BAFU USA coupled with your Performance and you can do this starting now, and you can do it Simply, Naturally, and Quickly All with a BAFU Pentagon Membership never before available by any company in the world... Now, You Can Do It Using One Simple Secret In A BAFU Pentagon Membership, Our Wealth-Creation Secret!”


Here's Our No-Risk, No-Hassle, 30-Day
Absolutely Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

Don't decide now. Try our proven system for a full 30 Days. If you don't understand how simple this process is or if you do not begin to make money using our adjacent Internet Marketing Science, then just let us know within 30 Days of your initial membership and we'll promptly issue you a full, no questions asked, refund of your trial. This is our way to express our confidence and take the risks instead of you. Fair enough?


As a World Class Membership organization, we support three major causes around the world as follows: Disaster Relief, Jobs Creation, and Education as seen above. We form Global Business Alliances, Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisition, Business Incubator and Business Development Services, Doing Business overseas, Business Incorporation, Web Domain Registration, Web Site Design, Logo Design, Branding services.

SONY ROY, the Founder of BAFU, has designed this system with an amazing cushion for fast repetition and sustainability.

“This High Yield and Wealth Creation system may Humiliate The Big Financial Institutions that are struggling to offer 10%Annual Interest. As Millions Of Consumers abandon the Pursuit of High-Risk and High-Priced Investments That were Relying on Weak Deals on The Stock Market and Other Methods That Have Shaken The Confidence of Even Serious Investors!”

“Some People Have Become So Skeptical and Impervious to Fresh Concepts That They Laughed When BAFU Announced Last Week This Innovative Wealth-Creation With Which they Can Now Realize 115% and 250% Guaranteed Profit All Throughout The Year Until I Demonstrated and Proved It With Research And Results That The Biggest Skeptics Measure and See!”

PROOF #1: Delaware (302) 598-1914

Have you invested your money lately at a Bank or with a financial Institution for a 5% annual return?

You may think it's normal... well, guess what. “Normal” to some is NOT NORMAL to you.

Here's the bottom line: You may need to join a World Class Membership with this exclusive edge of earning a lucrative 250% as a pentagon member or 115% as a Charter member and receive Multiple Income Streams with scholarship, internship benefits for your children if you have any.

The Problem With High Yield Investment

Have you tried to get 10% guaranteed return on your investment before? If so, you know the truth: Financial Institutions can RUIN your expectations. This is a scary proposition and after working so hard for your earned income no one would like to see their wealth disappear.

Now we will not denigrate good banks and great financial Institutions that are striving to give great benefits to their clients. There are honest Institutions. However, none can come near this Guaranteed System with a BAFU membership that can safely offer you the exclusive 250% return on investment (ROI.)

Now, The Depressing Truth About Investment

Let me remind you of what you already know:

Bad Investments Are “silent killers of dreams, passion and success.”

You know you should be in good investments. You know your money should be working hard for you instead of you working for the money. You know you deserve more than what you are getting. You know you “should” have something better . . . but face it:. . . Finding the right investments is like looking for a needle in a pile of a haystack. How do you find the right opportunity and the right institution to invest without painstaking and tireless efforts if at all you can find them. After all, how can you find any investment or business venture that can guarantee 250% return on your investment? This can be a real drag, would you agree?

So We're going to let you in on a little-known fact about high yield investments. When you seek to make huge gains, look for the company that has its own virgin proprietary rights to its products or services and maintains control on it too. In our opinion, it should not be a traded company on the open market. Authenticity, control and originality should be maintained at all cost to preserve the ownership of such company among the many other exclusive traits. BAFU has achieved that.

BAD INVESTMENTS CAN DRIVE YOU CRAZY and leave you not only penniless but heartbroken and lonely. Investing in companies that do not offer legitimate services and valuable products will leave you stranded on the road to success. This applies to men and women. That is why BAFU offers wealth Coaching to its members worldwide. The old adage says “Knowledge is power.” And, this is so true. Get in the know with BAFU USA, join a World Class Membership and enjoy the company of exclusive returns and lucrative profits.

Look at the grim statistics of High Yield Bonds since the Milken era for instance, such gives us no level of comfort about investment. Does this mean, you should never invest? No.

Incidentally, BAFU PENTAGON MEMBERSHIP offers an array of business opportunity and business services while presenting also the exclusive wealth creation package under the joint venture membership. This is an exclusive package for members only.

Our Mandate is “Bounce Back America From Unemployment.”

Our mission is “to turn unemployment into a workforce.”

Our vision is "The economic glass is half full."

To this end BAFU was created with a jobs-creation philosophy to empower people to be successful. If you google BAFU USA or BAFU jobs creation or BAFU Recovery, you will see how many links we have on the front page of Google.

Our Annual Corporate Membership Dues $950.00.

Our Annual Individual Membership Dues $450.00.

The Corporate membership gives access and privileges to three members for the price of two. A membership at BAFU is a worldclass business opportunity also. It is like having a major corporation working for you with multiple income opportunities. This is our wealth building membership package. See This membership is valid for three individuals and is seperate from Our Internet marketing class or "Hire Yourself." However, we will help new members to "MONETIZE" their sites as they acquire their tool box right away which will enable the new member to earn while learning the BAFU system.

a) We will give you a full online store and access to over 10 million products.

b) We will give you a monetized Website or a money-making website with an active blog with copyrighted blog contents to you immediately for your monetization.

c) We will help you install five affiliate programs to make you money online and for your company.

d)We will help you do your enrollments to generate cash and capital for your business immediately. You will generate a 30% compensation on each enrollment you send to BAFU. You will earn 50% commission on all the internet marketing services and business development services you process.

e) will help you spread with a large audience in your own Country.

f) By being the first Charter Member in your State, you will enjoy additional benefits and your possibilities will be vast.

g) Access to our Pentagon Membership level with a guaranteed yield of 250% upon complete performance.

h) Money Leveraging strategies for four industries (Manufacturing - Healthcare - Real Estate - Stock Market)

i) Business Incubator services (50% discount) FROM MIND TO MARKET

j) Business Development Services (50% discount)

k) Corporate and Personal letter of recommendation upon joining our World Class membership.

l) 50% discount on Internet Marketing Classes

m) 30% compensation on enrollment for Charter Members and 60% for Pentagon Members

n) We will help you establish a money-making domain and get the tools to start your own online marketing company upon your completion of our Intrnet Marketing Classes.

o) Should anyone in a foreign Country desire to come to the U.S. BAFU will give letters of recommendation that can boost their credibility through the immigration process as required and as needed.

p) Should anyone in a foreign Country desire to do business in the U.S., BAFU will be their point of reference so long as they are in good and regular standing in their homeland and in the U.S. Right now, when you become a member, you can advertise your presence in the U.S. via BAFU USA.

q) We will give 8 (1/2 hour) consulting sessions to each member in your corporate membership starting imediately or 24 (1/2 hour) sessions for the whole corporate membership or 12 (1 hour) sessions to your group. This in and of itself is an added value of nearly $18.000 with a seasoned and Senior business consultant.

r) Your company will be featured automatically on our Presidential Registry or Who's Who in Jobs Creation in our next edition

All these and more are in your BAFU membership and waiting for you. View BAFU as a full-business operation in one membership. Call us for further details and information. To process your membership dues, go to, our e-mail address for payment at Paypal is Once we receive your payment of $950.00 for Corporate or $450.00 for individuals, you will begin earning and you can access your privileges right away. Once again, we wish to welcome you on Board of the BAFU SHIP. Now, you can help a lot of people to start their own business through a membership at BAFU. Let's turn the page where you are and build a strong business alliance through BAFU to bless the Country.

We will be delighted to connect you with an executive that can recommend you upon your phone call to us.

BAFU is a WORLD CLASS MEMBERSHIP for individuals who aspire to become or are already executives and entrepreneurs in their own rights. This membership package allows you to do business with BAFU worldwide in an array of industries producing multiple income streams. You may contact us in Maryland at 240 786-8637 or 301 404-1578 Mrs. Monkou and in Delaware (302) 598-1914 Ms. AMA and in New York at 781 320-3019 Dr. Thevenin.



How can these SEO PLUS Experts help you earn big in your area?

They can assist you in earning like a Millionaire with your SEO PLUS CERTIFICATION

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learn how to get working capital for your business instantly

to date, BAFU has placed over $400,000.00 as working capital with its members, no credit check and interest free

Let these experts above show you how to:

Get $5,000.00 in working capital and credit line with no credit check and interest free within one hour.

How to Get a $5,000.00 monetized and optimized website free with your membership

Get an online store of your choice valued at $1,000.00 free with your membership

How to begin instant earnings machine within one hour free with your BAFU membership

How to become a Board of Directors's member for your State recognized by your state Government

How to help the unemployed with a complimentary membership from BAFU, upon availability

how to obtain letters of recommendation to do almost anything on the planet

Stop your poverty streak, talk live with movers and shakers on the web

If your State is not featured above, contact Talk To Humans (TTH) at BAFU USA (240) 786-8637

enroll now to become part of this Inner Circle of Wealth (ICOW) and elite group

The SEO PLUS class has a tuition of $4,000.00 for non-members and a 50% discounted fee of $2,000.00 for BAFU members

Contact one of these experts for membership recommendations

The SEO PLUS class consists of 13 power-packed, interactive sessions filled with learning activities within 5 weeks

Each session lasts 1 hour and half in a Webinar or teleconference format

A very rigorous test of at least 60 questions will be administered at the end of the series prior to receiving your earned certificate

At the end of those sessions, you will be a certified SEO PLUS Consultants and BAFU will publish your skills before the world.


Leave your contact information here and ask one of these experts above to recommend you for enrollment

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